Old Town HOG Chapter #5039

Whether you are new to the Tampa area or just new to the Harley-Davidson experience, welcome!

Post the Corner

Posting the corner is a simple "breadcrumb" way of riding with the group. It's not uncommon for a chapter ride to get broken up. By posting the corner, we ensure all riders arrive at the final destination. 

  • Be aware of the bikes behind you. Know their light signature.
  • If a separation occurs and you are now the last bike, safely increase your distance from the bike ahead of you.
  • As the group signals for an upcoming turn, safely pull back, turn on your hazard lights and find a safe place to pull over.
  • When you see the separated group approaching, wave to make contact and let them know you are posting.
  • Turn your hazard lights off and safely pull out in lead position of the approaching group.
  • Guide your group to the next turn where the next bike will be posting the corner for you.

Helpful tips when posting a corner:

  • While waiting for the separated group to join you, take a minute to review the ride sheet and become familiar with the next turn.
  • If the separated group hasn't arrived after 10 minutes, you can safely make your way to the next turn.

Not familiar with "Post the Corner"? No worries. Road Captains go over the procedure during each pre-ride brief. Be sure to show up at least 30 minutes prior to ride departure time to receive your ride sheet and attend the pre-ride brief.