Old Town HOG Chapter #8194

Whether you are new to the Tampa area or just new to the Harley-Davidson experience, welcome!

How to Join

To join Old Town Chapter, download and complete the Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release. A separate Chapter membership application form is needed for each member, whether rider or passenger. Bring the completed form(s) to a monthly chapter meeting or mail it along with your chapter dues ($27 per member, per year) to: 

Membership Officer
Sarah Vincent
6011 N Gunlock Ave, Tampa, FL. 33614

Make checks payable to Old Town Chapter.

Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release (PDF)

According to H.O.G.® guidelines, you must be a current national H.O.G.® member. If you are not a national H.O.G.® member, visit the National H.O.G.® Website or call 1-800-CLUBHOG to join.

If you have questions about becoming an OTC member, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..