Old Town HOG Chapter #5039

Whether you are new to the Tampa area or just new to the Harley-Davidson experience, welcome!

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Release Forms


  •    Chapter Event Release Form - Adults (PDF)
    This release form must be signed by all adult participants in any chapter road or field event if the individual, 1) is not a member of the local chapter hosting the event, 2) is a member of the host chapter but has not signed the Chapter Member Enrollment Form and Release for the year in which the event occurs, or 3) if you're unsure whether someone must sign a release or not. When in doubt, get a Release Form signed.

  •    Chapter Event Release Form - Minor's (PDF)
    Use this form for for minors attending Old Town chapter rides and/or events. If the minor is aged 12 or above, the minor must also sign the Minor’s Assumption of Risk Acknowledgment. Both forms are to be signed at the same time and kept together as separate pages of one document.

  •    Minor's Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement (PDF)
    A minor, aged 12 or above, must sign this form when participating in any Chapter event other than a chapter meeting. The parent or guardian must also sign the Chapter Event Release Form for Minors. Keep both forms together as separate pages of one document.

  •    Membership Enrollment and Renewal (PDF)
    Use this form when joining or renewing your membership with Old Town chapter. National H.O.G. requires all members to renew their local chapter membership annually.


Questions or concerns regarding these forms or enrollment please contact us.

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